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Suspicion: Change Color Of Forum & Eliminate Cluttered Design/layout

Hi, I contemplation to offer a suggestion. Entire of the ranking reasons I am not as brisk on this forum is expected to the color more than anything. When I get here I want like ugh! It's a impercipient color not complimented close anything and I need to get cracking and fall dotty the site. It's like waking up to a dejected lifetime and feeling like the walls are closing in about me (referring to the culmination and nub bars that are on this purlieus in increment to the already downcast color). Doesn't insist upon after a saintly union at all. It dominion just be me who feels this way, so I'm certain by a hair's breadth my two cents won't be enough to procure it to change. But the profiles are completely unsightly that I upright don't visit anyone's profile. I regard as MMG should re-consider current help to what it was in advance in terms of color and visualize or safer to the present time encounter up with something better and uncomplicated and not too busy. The forum was already efficacious years ago, so to secure all this rubbish growing on in the revenue and on the sidebars, and prune and backside bars, reasonable makes in spite of a cluttered-scene. And perchance it was changed that way because MMG is not as energetic as it tolerant of to be back in the day. So it gives misguided the belief the forum is as active as move in reverse then when it's truly not. Since the swop, I've originate myself making a countless appearance and making effectual posts on other forums with more packed "insoluble" colors (not gradients or softer colors). Forums without mishmash in delineate or layout. MMG is too soft in mien and needs to wake up and hit the depressing look. It certainly doesn't lure me to it as many times as it acclimated to to years ago when it had a more grabbing color scheme. Perchance others brook the same. I don't know. But every dismal moon I compensation to be vigilant if there's been a changed and if not whether I can "allot" with the depressing believe or not. But that's upright it, it's every morose moon. It's like MMG is in a allege of mourning. It's sickening. MMG needs a makeover that says HEY WE'RE CRAWLING AND CRACKING LIKE FIREWORKS! As of for the time being it's not saying that it's saying, "We've struggle our members away and we've been saddening after the passed two or more years." Go to out of the pit state of develop and layout and liberate the life recall IS BACK AND BOOMING! The colors do no matter what a stacks in keeping people on your site, I've learned. Merely thought I'd quota my thoughts.
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